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About Stephanie Rond

Stephanie Rond is a Columbus, Ohio based street artist whose colorful and feminist work can be seen on walls around the world, both inside and out.

Her work explores the concepts of gender roles and the accessibility of art. Rond's work challenges the traditions associated with both indoor and outdoor space. Her work shows women and girls as positive role models and active citizens, combating the typical objectification of women in advertising. 

Rond had the distinguished honor of representing all of North America in “She’s a Leader,” a street art project created by the Women’s Forum for the Economy and Society based in Paris, France. Rond is the single representative of street art in the midwest portion of the United States on the Google Art Institute: Street Art Project, a global collection of street art. She is the founder and leader of the website Women Street Artists and she is the owner, curator and operator of S.Dot Gallery.

An award-winning documentary has been created about her work. The film, Tiny Out Loud, studies Rond’s gender-gouging street art and dollhouse art galleries. She served as producer of the film, joining director Andrew Ina to craft a fun but evocative exploration of making gender roles smaller and the art world’s accessibility larger.

Stephanie attended Fort Hayes Arts and Academic High School and holds a Bachelor of Fine Arts from The Ohio State University. The Columbus Dispatch and Columbus Alive newspapers tapped her solo show, titled Dangerous Impermanence, on their coveted list of Best Art Exhibits.

Artist Statement

As an Irish American, I have a cultural history of storytelling. I create artwork that on the surface tells a safe and comfortable story using recognizable images. The images are intentionally non-aggressive.  I want the viewer to be comfortable and have a safe place to think about what may be the underlying message. The pieces are not intended to hold the answers about humanity, but rather cultivate questions to consider and discuss. My goal is to create work that serves as a springboard for meaningful conversation.