1997    The Ohio State University: Columbus, OhioBachelor of Fine Arts, Major Painting, Minor Sculpture

1991    Fort Hayes Arts and Academic High School: Columbus, Ohio

Selection of Solo Exhibitions

2018    Seeds of Kindness, Sharon Weiss Gallery, Columbus, Ohio

2017    Studies and Discourse, The Ohio State University, Columbus Ohio

2016    Common Cosmology, Vanderelli Room, Columbus, Ohio (two-person exhibit with April Sunami)

2014    Dangerous Impermanence, Shot Tower Gallery, Columbus, Ohio

2013    Urban Cave Paintings: S.Dot Gallery, Columbus, Ohio

2012    Outside: In, 2 Rules Fine Art, Atlanta, Georgia

2012    Toys and Tools, Ray’s Living Room, Columbus, Ohio

2011    Wrinkles, Ray’s Living Room Gallery, Columbus, Ohio (two-person exhibit with Dan Gerdeman)

Selection of Street Art and Murals

2019 “City Dwellers”,Wein Museum, Vienna, Austria

2019 “City Dwellers”, Columbus, Ohio

2018   “Seeds of Kindness”,Kathmandu, Nepal for Micro Galleries International Collective

2018   “The Hero”, Guyer Alley, Columbus, Ohio

2017   "The Path to Baba’s", Columbus, Ohio

2017   “March Forth”, Jakarta, Indonesia for Micro Galleries International Collective

2017   “9 Lives”, Columbus, Ohio

2017   "Alphabet Vs the Goddess", Columbus, Ohio

2017   "Birds Flying High, You Know How I Feel", Columbus, Ohio

2016   "We're Talking Now", (collaboration with Ambivalently Yours) Columbus, Ohio

2016   "More Cats, Less Catcalls", (collaboration with Ambivalently Yours) Columbus

2015   "Sorry, Not Sorry", Sydney, Australia

2015   "Love is Love", Columbus, Ohio

2015   “Breaking Traditions”, Orlando Florida

2015   "Sign Your Art", Columbus, Ohio

2015   “Home not House”, Weinland Park Billboard Project, Columbus, Ohio

2015   “Columbus Stars”, Columbus Museum of Art

2014   “Pink Girl Rising”, series of 22, Columbus Ohio

2014   “Dreams of Amelia”, Columbus, Ohio

2014   “Presents!", Germany, Holland, India, Ireland, Italy, Mexico, USA

2013   “I Left My Heart Family in Seattle”, Seattle, Washington

2013   “The Cupcake Project”, Florence, Italy

2013   “The Glass Jar”, Brisbane, Australia

2013   “Kindness is Freedom”, Columbus Ohio

2013    “Happy Birthday MLK!”, Columbus Ohio

2012    “The Mound Builders”, Columbus Ohio

2012    “Precocious”, Columbus Ohio

Short Film "Tiny Out Loud" February 2015

A short documentary about Rond's artwork challenging scale, environment and the art world. Director - Andrew Ina, Assistant Director - Dan Gerdeman, Producer - Stephanie Rond, Best Ohio Short Film- Columbus Film Council, Best Short Documentary- WV FILMmakers Festival, Official selection in 20 international and national film festivals including Boston, Cleveland, Las Vegas, New York, Portland, Saint Louis, San Francisco, Seattle and Washington DC  

Selection of Honors and Awards

2019    Young Guns Art Award Finalist, London, England, UK

2019    Exhibiting Artist, Bienal de la Habana, Matanzas, Cuba

2017 Micro Galleries International Collective member (continuing)

2017    Tiny Out Loud, Emmy Award Nomination

2016    Best local artist, Columbus Underground

2016    Creativity Summit, invited speaker, Columbus Museum of Art

2016    Selected artist Columbus Chamber "Business of Art"

2016    Artwork included on NASA’s OSIRIS – REx mission to the asteroid Bennu

2015    Tedx Columbus, invited speaker

2014    Best Art Exhibition of the year, 2014, Columbus Dispatch

2014    Best Art Exhibition of the year, 2014, Columbus Alive

2014    Single representation of North America in the Women’s Forum, “She’s a Leader” street project, Paris, France

2014    Person to watch 2014-2015 Columbus Young Professionals Club

2013    The Bitch List, Bitch Magazine

2012    Best Art Exhibitions of the year, 2012, Columbus Dispatch

2012    Columbus Alive Award “People to Watch: 2012”

2012    Award Artist, Ohio Governor’s Awards, Junior Division

2011    Artist in Residence, Wexner Center for the Arts, Pages Program

2011    Greater Columbus Arts Council, CAP purchase Award   

2010    OSU Arts Initiative Fellowship for Emerging Artists

2009    First Place Winner- Art at the X, a National Juried Show

1997    OSU and Wexner Center for the Arts – Student Exhibition Honorable Mention

1997    Edith Fergus-Gilmore Materials Award 

Professional Services

2012- present     Guest Speaker and Resident Artist; Otterbein University, The International School, Columbus Museum of Art, CCAD etc.

2012- present     Founder/admin Women Street Artists

2012- present     Guest Curator; Columbus Cultural Arts Center, Wexner Pages Program, Shot Tower Gallery etc.

2011- present     Director S.Dot Gallery/ Stephanie Rond Creative   

2008- present    Carnegie Gallery director: Columbus Metropolitan Library                                                         

2009- 2017       Founding member of CAW: Creative Arts of Women

2016- 2017        Co-Founder : Columbus Open Studio & Stage

2016                   Dare to be Heard, curator, program coordinator, Cultural Arts Center

2015- 2017        Project director: Sign Your Art

2012- 2014        Director/curator : Ray’s Living Room, a contemporary gallery

2012- 2013        Project director: Columbus Arts Pop-up Project (CAP-UP)

2007- 2009      Executive Board of Directors for ROY G BIV Gallery, Columbus Ohio

                            Ohio Art League, Programming Committee

                            Curatorial Committee, ROY G BIV Gallery, Columbus, Ohio

2007-2008       Art Teacher: The Decorative Arts Center of Ohio

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Selected Media

"Sign Your Art Community Project" Broad & High: Jackie Schafer, Andrew Ina, WOSU and PBS, Columbus, Ohio, Nov, 2015

"Stories behind the Art:Stephanie Rond" Columbus Makes Art, Ben Bays, Shawn Likely, WOSU and GCAC, 2015

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